Summer 2014 Schedule

  • May 31, Saturday, 10:30am: Summer Reading Kick-Off. Learn about our summer programming and be one of the first to sign up for our program. Sign up begins on this day, however, if you can’t make it, you can sign up anytime before the end of the program. Remember, you cannot count reading done before you signed up. Lots of prizes and refreshments will be served. All ages.

  • June 3, Tuesday, 10:30am: Itty, Bitty Storytime. Stories and lots of fun. Joanie is back to lead this exciting storytime. She is awesome! Five and under.

  • June 4, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Brush Bots. The definition of robot is “A machine or device that operates automatically or by remote control.” We will create one using basic materials and perhaps encourage participants to consider a career in robotics. We have a limited number of supplies, so come early. As this is a technical activity, it may take a bit longer than normal for everyone to complete their masterpiece. There are small parts used so younger participants will need adult supervision. All ages.

  • June 5, Thursday, 3:00pm: Cubees. These paper models require intricate cutting and assembly but result in the best creations ever. If you have a favorite pair of small scissors, bring them. Otherwise, we will provide regular scissors for everyone. See some examples at Teens.

  • June 6, Friday, 3:00pm: “Book ‘Em, Danno” Fingerprinting. The intricate science of the fingerprint will be studied and we will put together our own creations using them. All ages.

  • June 10, Tuesday, 10:30: Itty, Bitty Storytime. Five and under.

  • June 11, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Pendulum Painting. We will create larger masterpieces using weight and motion. Who knew scientific art could be so fun? All ages.

  • June 12, Thursday, 3:00pm: Melted Crayon Art. Using crayons and heat, each of these creations is unique. Teens.

  • June 13, Friday, 3:00pm: Bingo in the Books. Bingo, prizes and treats. All ages.

  • June 17, Tuesday, 10:30am: Itty, Bitty Storytime. Five and under.

  • June 18, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Star Spangled Tees. Bring you own red, white or blue pre-washed t-shirt and we will provide materials. All ages.

  • June 19, Thursday, 3:00pm: Soldering Skills. We have soldering irons, solder and materials to make your choice of projects. Soldering can be used for art, electronics, and more. Teens.

  • June 20, Friday, 3:00pm: Oobleck Storytime. We will share a story and then play with this incredible substance. Is it solid OR liquid? Be prepared – it can get messy. We will be outside (weather permitting) and hope to walk on Oobleck while we are there. All ages.

  • June 24, Tuesday, 10:30am: Itty, Bitty Storytime. Five and under.

  • June 25, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Sun Prints. Using the sun, we will use special paper to make prints. Learn the science of this special art. All ages.

  • June 26, Thursday, 3:00pm: Deconstruction. In the past, we have taken apart all types of electronic equipment. This year we are going old-school and discovering the inner workings of watches. We provide eye loupes and tools to help us with this endeavor. Do you have the steady hands needed to take these apart and harvest all the gears and parts? Teens.

  • June 27, Friday, 3:00pm: Science Outdoors. We can’t do these experiments inside. Why? Because they are too messy! Learn new, interesting facts and revisit old favorites. All ages.

  • July 1, 10:30am: Itty, Bitty Storytime. Five and under.

  • July 2, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Adorable Einsteins Craft. Albert never looked so good. All Ages.

  • July 3, Thursday, 3:00pm: String Art. We provide bases, hammer, nails and string. You provide creativity. Teens.

  • July 4, Friday: CLOSED for the holiday.

  • July 8, Tuesday, 10:30am: Itty, Bitty Storytime. Five and under.

  • July 9, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Rubber Band Bracelet Looms. You don’t need to spend a lot to make these bracelets. We provide all the tools and instruction you need to assemble these looms. Next week we will complete the bracelets. All ages.

  • July 10, Thursday, 3:00pm: Giant Spin Art Machine. You might remember seeing these small machines in the past. Well, we are making it BIGGER. The teens will assemble this machine and then anyone can use it to create original works of art. We will be outside when using the machine. Teens and then all ages when machine is complete.

  • July 11, Friday, 3:00pm: The Science of Survival. Learn tips on surviving without a lot of equipment. We will put together basic kits, learn to start a fire and more. We will be working with sharp items such as fish hooks, blades and more. Kits without these sharp items can be assembled. All ages, however younger participants will need adult assistance.

  • July 15, Tuesday, 10:30am: Itty, Bitty Storytime. Five and under.

  • July 16, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Rubber Band Bracelets. This is the activity you prepared for last week. We will use our rubber band bracelet looms to make our bracelets. We will have a few looms on hand for those who were unable to make one last week. If you know how to do these bracelets, come share your expertise with those just learning. We could really use your help. All ages, however, younger participants will need adult assistance.

  • July 17, Thursday, 3:00pm: Throwies. If you haven’t heard of these tiny lights, you need to come to this event. We will assemble some of these lights for you to take home and use. We will provide ideas on how to use them, as well. Teens.

  • July 18, Friday, 3:00pm: Lego Day. We pull out all of our Legos and provide a challenge. You are on your own after that. Remember we have out Ban Bao kit challenge continuing through the end of this month. All ages.

  • July 22, Tuesday, 10:30am: Itty, Bitty Storytime. Five and under.

  • July 23, Wednesday, 3:00pm: Get Slimed. We are creating our own slime. YUCKKKKK! Join us for the fun. All ages.

  • July 24, Thursday, 3:00pm: Modular Origami. We combine paper and science to create these amazing sculptures from paper. Teens.

  • July 25, Friday, 3pm: Grand Finale. This is the day you have been working toward. All reading records should be turned in by 3:00. We will have refreshments and door prizes. Grand prize drawings will be held at 4pm.

  • July 26, Saturday: The librarians are tired! We will be resting up. Hope the rest of your summer is great!




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Summer is Here!


Details for the Summer Reading Program are as follows:


Children under the age of 18 may participate in our Summer Reading Program @ the Nortonville Public Library. During the program, we have children’s crafts on Wednesdays, teen activities on Thursdays and special events on Fridays. Programming is open to anyone, but sign up for reading prizes begins on Saturday, May 31, 2014. You must be signed up for your reading to count but you can sign up anytime during the program. Books read after May 31 will count. For every 5 books or 500 pages young people read, they get one entry into the grand prize drawing and pick one item from the prize case. However, this year we have additional reading options.

For our youngest library users, who are not yet reading on their own, we have a unique program to get them ready to read. We have sheets in the library to assist with this part of our Summer Reading Program. On this sheet, 27 items are listed for an adult to do with a child. After completing 10 items, the child will receive a prize from the case. Then after completing 20 items, the child will receive an additional prize. Finally, if all 27 items are completed, the child will receive a 3rd and final prize. Selections from the list include “Dance with your child” and “Attend a library program.” Some items, such as “Make an alphabet book,” will require that the child share it with the library staff. Others, we might ask questions, such as “What did you learn about mom’s or dad’s (or other important adult’s) life when they were a child?” for “Share a story about your childhood.” Don’t worry, we won’t make them too difficult. The goal is to prepare them to read while celebrating a good time with important adults in their lives. Caregivers, grandparent’s and guardians will qualify. In addition, we will help by offering activities that allow you to complete specific items on the list with a child.

If your older child experiences difficulty reading, yet you want to encourage them to do so, we have another option. We have a limited number of timed reading sheets. Instead of a goal of pages or books, your child can read for a defined time. Help us set an individual goal that works for them and they are on their way to earning rewards and entering the grand prize drawing. This option is not available for lap readers. Only readers, with reading challenges, regardless of their reading level, may participate in timed reading.

Prizes change continuously and the case is always fully stocked. Readers can continue earning prizes during the program. The grand prize drawing will be held on Friday, July 25 at 4pm. This year, we will have several grand prizes to choose from and readers can win more than one grand prize. All entries must be submitted by 3pm on July 25 to qualify. Reading will not count until registration is submitted. Registration is not required to attend our programming. ALL EVENTS AND CRAFTS ARE FREE. You must be going into the 6th grade or older to participate in the the Teen projects on the schedule. If you have suggestions for future programming, please contact the library.

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eBooks and Audiobooks

Use a Kansas library card number, available from your local library, to download free ebooks and audiobooks from the Kansas State Library. Simply go to and choose from OneClickdigital Audiobooks, Freading ebooks, Tumblebooks ebooks for children or 3M Cloud Library ebooks. These resources are free to any Kansas resident. For more information, contact your local library.

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Kansas State Library Resources

The Kansas State Library offers numerous databases and online resources for residents of Kansas, all available for free, at A Kansas library card number, from your local library, is required to access them from your personal computer.  The current list includes:

Academic Search Premier
Applied Science & Technology Abstracts
Art Abstracts
Art Full Text
Education Abstracts
Fuente Academica
Legal Collection
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
Religion and Philosophy Collection
Auto Repair Reference Center
Business Source Premier
Computer Source
Professional Development Collection
Small Business Reference Center
Regional Business News
Library Literature & Information Science Index
MAS Ultra
MasterFILE Premier
Vocational & Career Collection
Consumer Health Complete
Alternative Health Watch
Health Source: Consumer Edition
European Views of the Americas (1493-1750)
History Reference Center
Military & Government Collection
Middle Search Plus
Primary Search
Teacher Reference Center
Literary Reference Center
Newspaper Source Plus
Health Source: Nursing/Academic
Medica Latina
NoveList Plus
Book Collection Non-fiction (elementary school edition)
Book Collection Non-fiction (full edition)
Book Collection Non-fiction (high school edition)
Book Collection Non-fiction (middle school edition)
Britannica Online Academic Edition
Britannica Online School Edition
Britannica Online Public Library Edition
Spanish Reference Center
LearningExpress Library
Job & Career Accelerator
Mango Languages
Nursing & Allied Health Source
Genealogy Connect
Kansas History, Territorial through Civil War Years, 1854-1865
Virtual Reference Library

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Thriving in Tough Times

The State Library of Kansas has compiled several helpful internet tools for employment, finances, housing, health families and seniors. These resources are available at This virtual library will help you with everything from rental property disputes to locating a good childcare facility.

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Preschool Storytime

Each week, when school is in session, we will host a preschool storytime for our youngest library users on Thursdays at 10:30. Each session will last about 30-45 minutes and feature stories, games, songs and lots of fun. Be sure to join us and share this special time with your little ones.

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Book Review: Creep by Jennifer Hillier

CREEP (207x320)Jennifer Hillier makes her fiction debut with Creep, a thriller sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dr. Sheila Tao, professor of psychology, doesn’t know what she is in for when she ends a months long affair with her teaching assistant, Ethan Wolfe. Newly engaged to an investment banker, Sheila’s conscience steers her toward this decision. Ethan isn’t accustomed to being turned down and his obsession with her grows. A cat-and-mouse game begins with blackmail and threats. While evading Ethan’s determined will, one of her students is found stabbed to death. Can she escape his clutches without her colleagues or her fiance’ discovering her most intimate secrets?

At first, you might believe you know where this novel is going, but don’t write it off so easily. The surprising end has an unexpected twist. So, cancel your plans and settle in because this book is difficult to put down.

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Book Review: Trapped by Michael Northrop

Reviewed by Marjorie Belveal for Young Adults

Scotty, a fifteen year old sophomore has two thing on his mind, Krista and basketball, and attends high school in the middle of nowhere. As the snow starts falling in the morning, students wait for school to be cancelled. This does not happen and by the time school dismisses for the day,  there were blizzard conditions. At the end of the day, seven students waited for rides from their parents, including Scotty. No one came for them. There was no cell phone service, lights, heat or water. This is a story of seven people, not really friends, coming together to survive. It was as if no one knew they were there. With Scotty telling this story, I felt as if I was there with them. At the end, I felt there were some issues left unsolved, but I liked the book because the students were able to work together with minimal disagreements.

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Book Review: The Last Song

 By Megan Domann

    When a rebellious teenager, Ronnie, and her little brother, Jonah, are forced to visit her dad for the summer it creates a story of love, forgiveness, and heart-breaking sadness that will have you crying over the pages. Ronnie has felt a strong hatred for her dad since her parent’s divorce, as well as hating the fact of being  with her dad for the summer. But soon Ronnie realizes what’s important in life. She grows and learns from her experiences of the summer. This is what makes this book by Nicholas Sparks worth reading.    

    I very much recommend this book to all teenagers and adults. This book is indeed a good read, a book you could sit down and read for hours. I love this book, though it is sad, at the same time it is very romantic and loving. This book is full  of good humor and fun-loving romantic situations. I feel this book will be enjoyable to all who read it.

    Nicholas Sparks has created a book full of truly real characters in real life situations. Within the pages of this book, Ronnie learns to love and to be loved, and to cherish life. Her summer with her dad and brother, changes her forever and for the better.
    I very much recommend this book. I don’t expect that this loving book would disappoint anyone. The Last Song is definitely a book worth reading.

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Book Review: The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans

Did you ever have the assignment of writing your own obituary? It’s the kind of thing that makes you look back on your life and ponder.

James Kier has a similar experience. He reads his own obituary upon waking one morning and, before he can respond, finds the comments under his online obituary less than complimentary. His girlfriend, upon hearing of his untimely death, goes on a huge shopping spree using his credit card.  His company’s chief operating officer, and weekly squash partner, calls him the Grinch, Scrooge and Bergermeister all rolled into one.  His history with his soon-to-be ex-wife and his son is less than ideal.

Richard Paul Evans manages to bring us this story of a man who gets a reality check without being overly emotional. It is a quick read with short chapters for those of us with little time. 

If you have read Nicholas Sparks, you will find his style similar to Evans. A lot of depth and very real characters. Both authors have several titles that make us feel our humanity just a bit more that usual. 

If you don’t find The Christmas List on the new shelf, we will be happy to place a hold on it for you. We would also be happy to share other titles by these authors with you, as well.

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