Library Giving Day 2023

Library Giving Day is coming up again! This year, it is on April 4th.

As we all know, public libraries are known for books and research materials, but we also offer many programs that promote lifelong learning, connect patrons to technology, and advance our knowledge.

#LibraryGivingDay is a one-day fundraising event with the goal of encouraging people who depend on and enjoy public libraries to donate to their local library. And in turn, that support will go toward the programs, services and materials provided by local libraries all over the country.

This year, our goal at the Nortonville library is to raise $500 to help fund a new series of life skills classes/workshops for teens and young adults. Every little bit helps! You can donate directly to the library or use this link and choose “Nortonville Public Library” to make a credit or debit card donation to us. All donations made at the link come straight to us when you choose our library in the dropdown menu.

Please help us spread the word and meet our goal!

Library Giving Day is Coming!

As you may know many of the programs and services we provide are not in our annual budget. They are funded by donations from people in the community. This year we are gearing up for Library Giving Day on Wednesday, April 6th. I hope you will consider giving a gift to our library that day (or earlier).  

Be sure to pick Nortonville Public Library in the dropdown box. The NEKL Foundation will send you an official tax-deductible receipt. 

Thank you for making our library even better!