We bring you good news about the library! In light of Governor Kelly’s announcement about lifting the Shelter in Place order, we have decided to open back up. We will be operating from May 5th-May 31st under the hours listed below as well as the guidelines that follow.

We will be open the following hours:
Tuesday 9-12
Wednesday 12-3 and 5-8
Thursday 1-4
Friday 3-6
Saturday 9-12

If you would like to come in, we recommend you call during these hours to make an appointment. Walk-ins will be permitted if traffic allows: Only 9 people in the library will be allowed at a time including employees.

Additionally, your time in the library will be limited to 20 minutes, and you are only allowed 1 visit per day.

While in the library, you must practice social distancing and remain 6 feet apart at all times.

We strongly encourage you to wear a mask when you visit the library.

Along with this, we will have a sign-in sheet employees will use to track patrons who visit the library to ensure that everyone adheres to the 20 minute time limit.

However, although we are opening, we are not allowing any computer use at this time.

The restrooms will also be closed to the public.

We also ask that you do not carry borrowed items into the library to return. Instead, please use black return bin that is in the vestibule inside the door on the north side of the library.

We are happy to be opening, and we hope you come in and see us. Please understand that we are taking these precautions to keep everyone safe.

If you have any Lysol, Lysol wipes, isopropyl alcohol, hand sanitizer or paper towels that you are willing to donate to the library, we would greatly appreciate them. We will have a box for you to place donated items in next to the return bin in the vestibule.

Thank you for your patronage, help, and understanding!
The Library Staff and Board