Summer Reading Program Details and Schedule

2022 Summer Reading Program Details

People of all ages (babies to adults!) are invited to participate in our Summer Reading Program @ the Nortonville Public Library. We offer programming for all ages, including teens (going into the 6th grade or older), babies/toddlers, and adults. Sign up for reading prizes begins on Friday, June 3, 2021. You must be signed up for your reading to count but you can sign up anytime during the program. Books read after June 3 will count. For every 5 books or 500 pages read, readers get one entry into the grand prize drawing and pick one item from the prize case. However, we do have additional entry options.

For our readers of all ages that can’t read yet, don’t enjoy reading as much, or have difficulty reading, we have activity logs to fill. We don’t want to pressure you to read, we want you to enjoy it!

We have special prizes for our teens this year, and a chance for them to earn “library bucks” to cash in for smaller prizes or save up for an auction of grand prizes at the end of the summer!

Prizes change continuously and the case is always fully stocked. Readers can continue earning prizes during the program. The grand prize drawing will be held on Friday, July 29th at 4pm. This year, we will have several grand prizes to choose from and readers can win more than one grand prize. All entries must be submitted by 3pm on July 29th to qualify. Reading will not count until registration is submitted. Registration is not required to attend our programming. ALL EVENTS AND CRAFTS ARE FREE. If you have suggestions for future programming, please contact the library.

2022 Summer Reading Activity Schedule

June 3, Friday, 2:00pm: Summer Reading Kick-Off. We will have treats, reveal grand prizes, learn about upcoming events and more. Adopt an (origami) fish friend to take home! Sign up for the program begins on these days, but you may do so later. All ages.

June 7, Tuesday, 10am: Storytime-Sharks! This event combines song, movement, stories and a treat. Younger Children.

June 9, Thursday, 3pm: Ocean in a Bottle. We’ll make fun, soothing oceans in bottles and learn all about World Oceans Day. All ages.

June 10, Friday, 3pm: Seashell Trinket Dishes. Make your own jewelry/trinket dishes. Teens and up.

June 14, Tuesday, 10am, Storytime about Swimming. Join us for stories, songs, art and treats. Younger Children.

June 14, Tuesday, 5:30 pm: Adult Book Club. We are discussing The Hotel by Pamela Kelley. Free on Hoopla, or contact the library for a copy. We chat, we snack, we have fun!

June 15, Wednesday, 2pm: Brian Wendling, Aqua Juggling Extraordinaire! Come ride the wave of Brian Wendling’s high energy variety juggling program! Drinking water while juggling? Juggling underwater? Yes, yes yes! All ages.

June 16, Thursday, 3pm: Sand Handprint Keepsakes. We’ll make fun hand print keepsakes with sand and seashells. All Ages.

June 17, Friday, 3pm: Sea Glass Necklaces. Make your own necklaces or keychains with sea glass and other embellishments . Teens.

June 21, Tuesday, 10am: Fish Storytime. Join us for stories, songs, art and treats. Younger Children.

June 22, Wednesday, 6:30pm: Adult Paint Night. Enjoy adult conversation and laughs while you paint your own masterpiece. 18+.

June 23, Thursday, 3pm: Aquarium Jars. Make an aquarium to take home (with fish that don’t need food)! All ages.

June 24, Friday, 3pm: Moldable Plastic Creations. Use moldable plastic to sculpt ocean animals, mythical creatures, pirate ships, or whatever you can think up. Teens.

June 28, Tuesday, 10am: Turtle Storytime. Join us for stories, songs, art and treats. Younger Children.

June 29, Wednesday, 6:30pm: Library Board Meeting. Everyone.

June 30, Thursday, 3pm: Seashell Turtle Art. We’ll be using shells and paint to create adorable works of art. All ages.

July 1, Friday, 3pm: Sea Turtle Painting. We’re going to paint along with a virtual teacher to make our own art on canvases. Teens and above.

July 5, Tuesday, 10am: Storytime with Crabs: Includes stories, crafts, and treats. Younger Children.

July 7, Thursday, 3pm: Bottle Cap Crabs. Make your own crab art with bottle caps and paint! All ages.

July 8, Friday, 3pm: Resin Creations. We’re using resin to make jewelry, keychains or other creations. Teens.

July 9, Saturday, 10am: Are You Smarter Than a Librarian? Test your ocean trivia against our staff! There will be prizes, of course. All ages.

July 12, Tuesday, 10 am: Storytime about Boats!: Includes stories, crafts, and treats. Younger Children.

July 12, Tuesday, 5:30pm: Adult Book Club. Book TBD. We chat, we snack, we have fun!

July 14, Thursday, 3pm: Treasure Chests. Decorate your own wooden chest to hold all of your little treasures. All ages.

July 15, Friday, 3pm: Nautical Bracelets. We’re using paracord and nautical knots to make bracelets. Teens and up.

July 19, Tuesday, 10am: Jellyfish Storytime: Includes stories, crafts, and treats. Younger Children.

July 20, Wednesday, 6:30pm: Adult Craft Night. Enjoy adult conversation and crafting. 18+.

July 21, Thursday, 3pm: Jellyfish Wind Chimes. Using clay pots, beads, and other supplies, we’ll make jellyfish wind chimes. All ages.

July 22, Friday, 3pm: Sunken Treasure Escape Room! We are working together to escape a sunken ship. Will we get out in time?? Teens and up.

July 26, Tuesday, 10am: Mermaid Storytime: Includes stories, crafts, and treats. Younger Children.

July 26, Tuesday, 1:30pm: Exploration Place Brings Bio-luminescence!Dive into the depths of the ocean, where animals create their own light and where creatures transform sunlight into a full spectrum of colors, through a process known as Bio-luminescence and Bio-florescence. Children of all ages will create a light capturing device, analyze how organisms can transform light into many colors, and create their own light source to take home with them. Travel with us to explore the exotic creatures of the deep! All ages.

July 27, Wednesday, 6:30pm: Library Board Meeting. Everyone.

July 28, Thursday, 3pm: Mermaid/Pirate Wands. We’re making wands for our inner mermaids and pirates. All ages.

July 29, Friday, 1pm: Tie Dye and Grand Prize Extravaganza. We’re tie-dyeing t-shirts. Make sure to wear older clothes because you might get messy. Afterwards, we’ll have door prizes, refreshments and fun until we draw for our grand prizes at 4pm. Don’t miss this! All Ages.

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